In order to find the best deal in the wide range of loans, you need to take the time to select your credit – this is the reality of our platform. However, we are also aware of the fact that there are several stages to comparing credit and that the selection process rarely runs smoothly. Of course, you can succeed and the very first lender you choose will be the right one, but you will probably need to compare not only the basic terms of the loans, but also go into details. Our credit comparator facilitates this task, and search filters allow you to instantly select credits based on basic parameters. But what to do next? In this article, you’ll find some helpful tips on how to compare loans and learn how to choose the best loan for you!

6 search filters for initial loan selection

6 search filters for initial loan selection

Our created loan comparator will be your reliable assistant in all stages of loan selection. The farther, the more detailed and personalized the search becomes, but at the outset all 6 credits can be selected for selection. Those are:

  • first free. This is a particularly relevant search criterion for people who are interested in fast credit on the Internet. Many lenders offer a 100% credit commission on new clients, so be sure not to miss out on a bargain;
  • without pledge and guarantor. There are not many loans that require a mortgage, and they are specific – mostly home loans and car leasing. On the other hand, fast internet loans, consumer loans, credit line and credit card are usually granted without pledge and guarantor. In some cases, business loans are also available without these additional risk guarantees;
  • with a bad credit history. Credit history matters, but some lenders are more responsive than others and also provide borrowers with borrowing problems in the past. This search criterion can be handy if you need a quick credit, a consumer credit, a credit line or a credit card. Of course, refinancing loans are also available to those with a bad credit history who want to deal with debt and combine all loans into one;
  • without a job. All loans are for people with adequate ability to pay and regular income, but in some cases you can borrow even if your source of income is not your salary, but your pension, scholarship, rent of property, etc .;
  • from the age of 20. Age limits can be important if you are interested in private loans – quick loans, credit lines, credit cards or consumer loans. Auto loans are also available from some lenders from the age of 20, so pay attention to this criterion;
  • with no activation fee. This selection filter will help you minimize the cost of your credit.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that the Hanlen family loan comparator collects information from lenders, so not every section will have loans that fit all the categories mentioned above. It is not worth spending time finding, for example, a mortgage without a pledge and guarantor or without a job. We recommend that you do not look after the impossible, but instead wisely study the existing offers. The Loan Comparator makes it quick and easy – read on to find out which loan can be useful!

Choose from 9 Credit Types!

The Hanlen family loan comparator offers an overview of all types of loans available to individuals:

  • fast credit. Suitable for short-term, unexpected everyday expenses;
  • consumer credit. Intended for higher spending, more serious life plans. Usually repayable in the long term, from 6 to 24 or even 36 months;
  • credit line. Long term loan with more flexible terms of use than consumer credit. Amounts of money may be withdrawn as necessary and be repaid immediately or in stages;
  • credit cards. Used just like payment cards, credit cards are especially handy when traveling;
  • car leasing. Specific type of credit for the purchase and mortgaging of vehicles;
  • home loan. Loan for home purchase and mortgage. You can pledge a property both for the sake of obtaining a substantial sum of money and for wanting to buy a new property at full price;
  • credit for business. Available in two variants – credit for business start-up and credit for business development;
  • credit for those working abroad. Loans designed specifically for people who earn income abroad and are therefore not eligible for ordinary quick or consumer credit;
  • loan refinancing loan. Suitable for both debtors and individuals who want to combine all existing loans into one with a single interest rate and maturity.

 The Hanlen family is not only a handy loan comparator, but also a source of useful information. Each section contains detailed descriptions of credit types, answers to frequently asked questions, and user experience stories. Take a look at our website and choose loans not only by interest rate but also by other important parameters!